My process

My goal is not only to deliver a professionally produced song, but to work with you step by step through the creative process. We will approach each song with your end goal in mind. So if a publishing deal or getting placements on Film/TV is the objective, then we will tailor your project to appeal to that market. As your producer, my desire is for you to get maximum value from our collaboration. Once we’ve completed your project I will help point you in the right direction, getting you closer to your goal. I've worked with clients both locally as well as across the country, so we can work together whether you're close by or the other side of the world. Most of my clients I work with online, so no matter where you are across the globe, we can work together.


I start production based on what you’ve written and recorded. Whether it’s a raw recording from your phone or a studio recorded demo, I will take what you've written and build a full production and arrangement around that structure. Once the instrumental has been completed. You can record vocals and send them back for the finishing touches!

  • If fall into the singer only category and you don’t write your own songs. Not a problem...I work with a team of talented songwriters that can write one just for you.

  • If your are a songwriter only and need a vocalist. I got you covered. Being based in The Music City (Nashville). I have access a variety of top notch studio singers.

Vocal recording

For recording vocals, you may have your own home recording setup or access to a professional studio in your area. If not, I can help you pick a studio that’s in your area and arrange the session.

Mixing and Mastering

The final stage! Now that the writing, recording and production are complete. This is were we add the finishing touches, making sure your song sounds sonically amazing and ready for release.